$GENKI Tokens

$GENKI token is the native, in-game currency that’s designed to fuel the economics within Samurai Saga. It will be widely-used for future breeding of our upcoming NFT collection; Kaiju Monsters & Teens Samurais, and to enhance the gaming experience within the Samurai Saga game.

$GENKI token is a community-based token with no advanced premine or ICO and it’s supply is solely created by the holders of our NFT collections through staking and playing the game.

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The Whitepaper

$GENKI token is created to incentivize holders of the Samurai Saga NFTs, players of the game and the team within Samurai Saga. Our goal is to have $GENKI to be one of the few games truly owned and operated by the community that plays and holds our NFTs.

The sole creators of the $GENKI tokens from staking any NFT collection released by Samurai Saga. No premine has ever been conducted and it is solely designed to have the NFT holders to become the ultimate beneficiary. The team at Samurai Saga is only incentivized based on the usage of the $GENKI tokens.

The maximum supply of $GENKI tokens is set to 300 million with 100% distribution to NFT stakers and from the upcoming, play-to-earn game. The $GENKI token has zero buy and sell tax and is now available on Uniswap for purchase.

Usage Of $GENKI Tokens

The $GENKI token plays a major role within the Samurai Saga’s economy. It is designed to incentive holders and players to enhance the gaming experience while controlling the number of play-to-earn players. The $GENKI tokens will have multiple usage within the game and possibly in the real world.

How The $GENKI Tokens Will Be Used
Minting Future NFT Collections: Kaiju Monsters

The upcoming NFT collection of Kaiju Monsters will only ever be minted with $GENKI tokens. The Kaiju Monsters are created to compete in the great battle ahead against the Cyborg Samurais, Onna-Bugeishas and Teens Samurais.

Forging Armory

Enhance your game experience and forge new weapons and armories to be the leader of the pack. Hire a blacksmith with $Genki tokens to create your ultimate weapon and armor to win the great battle ahead.

Breeding Of The 4th NFT Collection: Teens Samurais

Breeding will be made available in the near future for eligible holders of certain NFT collections with Samurai Saga to birth the Teens Samurais. The Teens Samurais collection is released to attract more play-to-earn players to the Samurai Saga game.

Tournaments & Reward Zone Battles

Future tournaments will be held to compete with other warriors within the Samurai Saga game for the ultimate grand prize. You will also be able to enter our Reward Zone Battles to fight against Kaiju Bosses with greater rewards with your $Genki tokens.

In-Game Loot Boxes

In the near future, all characters will be customizable and these cosmetic items will be randomly distributed within our in-game loot boxes that can be exchanged with $Genki Tokens.

* These are subject to change and future usage of the $GENKI tokens will be released soon.