The Samurai Saga Project


The Battle Plan

You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.

Phase 1
January 2022 - Completed

The ultimate unveiling of the core NFT collection of 9,999 Cyborg Samurais to recruit warriors to prepare for the great battle ahead. This also marks the beginning of the $GENKI tokens with the NFT staking to begin fueling the Samurai Saga’s economy.

Phase 2
February 2022 - Completed

Revealing the first-ever, official game trailer and behind-the-scenes development of the Samurai Saga game to build the battleground while enabling $GENKI tokens on Uniswap.

Phase 3
March 2022In // Progress

The release of the limited edition Samurai Saga NFT collection; Onna-Bugeisha, a playable character within the Samurai Saga game and an important role within the ecosystem for future developments.

Phase 4
April 2022

The ultimate battle begins with a playable game demo for supporters of Samurai Saga. It’s time to join the battle and experience a thrilling gameplay that will immerse players into a whole new world. Along with the game demo, the official merchandise store will be released with exclusive collectibles.

Phase 5
May 2022

Finally, the Kaiju Monsters NFT collection will be released to enter the great battle ahead. Only those who qualify will be able to retain the monsters with rewards that no other NFT could ever bring. The Kaiju Monsters are designed to compete and annihilate the Cyborg Samurais and Onna-Bugeisha. Choose your side and win the great battle ahead.

Phase 6
June 2022

The birth of the Teens Samurai NFT collection unfolds to attract more players into the Samurai Saga’s ecosystem. Only a selected few will be eligible to breed and control the Teens Samurai. More details to be announced.

Phase 7
july 2022

New battles ahead. The development of new game modes and in-game avatars will be released to enhance the Samurai Saga’s gaming experience. Battle to earn alongside with your guild to march towards the ultimate victory with rewards that are waiting to be acquired.

The Samurai Saga Team

Real warriors at your service

Emperor Sensei Vedran

With sword and mind united, Vedran has led warriors into battle for over two decades. He never leaves the field until the war is won.

Shogun-Sensei Dino

Dino has the soul of an artist and a warrior, reigning supreme in any medium or style.

Daimyo-Sensei Reese

Serving the Shogun as his right-hand, Reese’s boundless creativity makes him the master in character design.

Samurai SUN

His passion is animation, he brings all our images and ideas to life.

Ronin JiaN

Wandering ronin Jian will spread the news across the land that the Samurai have returned.

Onnu-Bugeisha Brenda

In battle she wields the fierce naginata but these days her weapons of choice are pen and paper.

Samurai Hadrien

Ruling over the blockchain, no one is better than Hadrien at turning our ideas into reality.