If they stand behind you, protect them · If they stand beside you, respect them · If they stand against you, defeat them.
The Ultimate Battle

Play-To-Earn Game

Immerse yourself into the third-person experience within the Samurai Saga’s play-to-earn online game. Built with Unreal Engine for the best gaming experience with action-packed, multiplayer game modes.

Samurai Saga combines open-world exploration with fast-pace combat and a captivating story while earning rewards upon your victory. Choose from an extensive line-up of characters to fit your play style - Cyborg Samurai, Kaiju Monsters, Onna-Bugeisha, and Teen Samurais to join the great battle ahead.

Limited Edition Release

Upcoming NFT Collection

The Story of Samurai Saga


Answering the call of duty, the Onna-Bugeisha are next to ride into battle alongside the Samurai. Every bit as powerful, courageous and deadly as the boys, these fearless women warriors will fight until the end, dying with honour and their weapons in hand.

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Fueling The Economy

NFT Staking Rewards

Each NFT released by Samurai Saga is the ultimate creator of the $GENKI tokens which fuel the game economics. Holders will be able to choose the duration of their staking to mine the $Genki tokens.

Staking has been in existence since December 2021, upon the initial release of the Cyborg Samurai NFT collection which is only available on Opensea . Future NFT collections will also be eligible to stake their NFTs to mint $GENKI tokens.

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The Native Tokenomics

$GENKI Token

$GENKI token is the native, in-game currency that’s designed to fuel the game economics within Samurai Saga. It will be widely-used for future breeding of our upcoming NFT collection; Kaiju Monsters & Teens Samurais, and to enhance the gaming experience within the Samurai Saga game.

$GENKI token is a community-based token with no advanced preming and it’s solely created by the holders of our NFT collections through staking. It is now also available for purchase on Uniswap.

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