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Cyborg Samurai

Cyborg Samurais are the core of the Samurai Saga and are the first tribe of warriors to enter the great battle ahead against the Kaiju monsters. They are the soldiers, champions and rare legends. Each Cyborg Samurai holds the ultimate key to battle for glory and yields the highest rewards.

NFT Staking

Each Cyborg Samurai will be eligible to harvest the largest pool of $GENKI tokens through Samurai Saga’ NFT staking system. The longer the duration, the more $GENKI tokens they will harvest and are the core generators of the $GENKI tokens.

Playable Character

Cyborg Samurais will be the first playable character in the upcoming, play-to-earn game. Each Cyborg Samurai is trained for the great battle ahead with a unique set of attributes and skills to have the ultimate gaming experience while earning the most rewards within Samurai Saga.

Exclusive Rewards

Cyborg Samurais are the first to enter the great battle ahead to generate the highest rewards through their accomplishments. No other collection will be on par with the rewards they can harvest within the Samurai Saga. They are the leaders, the explorers and the warriors that get rewarded handsomely with their honor.



When Hideyoshi heard that he will be honored by daimyo, he never dreamed he would be gifted with a nyūtorino katana. His heroism in the battle at the Straits of Sku’tas didn’t go unnoticed, and the samurai was overwhelmed with pride.

As soon as the ceremony was over, Hideyoshi asked permission to leave the camp, eager to try out the new weapon. He knew, however, that he had to find worthy material to test his skills with such a powerful katana. Bamboo, tatami nor the bodies of dead enemies could suffice, since neutrino layer of the blade required something far harder. Thus, he headed to the slopes of Mount Shusan, where makkoro, a unique kind of rock could be found.

He enjoyed the scenery along the way. At this latitude, Horai shone with its most beautiful shades. Some twelve standard hours later, he found himself in front of the famous rocks. Vertical and black, makkoro were made of the hardest material on the planet. It has been speculated that its carbon has been compressed for millennia by harsh solar outbursts.

She touched the rock he was preparing to stab. Skin of her hand was almost white. The way she moved and talked could only be admired. “
Those that you’ve already cut are agonized in pain. I felt it right away. You see the rock, but the eyes deceive us so often in this strange world.”

His test was cut short by this faceless creature. At that moment her fingers dared to touch him.

Hideyoshi chose the one that surpassed his height by twofold and prepared a stance for yoko giri. To perform the side cut properly, he had to make a double hand grip and bend his right elbow. The warrior inhaled deeply, holding the katana just above the waist. An outward swing was quick like lightning. A moment later, an upper half of makkoro rock slid to the ground. The cutting surface was almost flawless.
But Hideyoshi aimed for perfection. He hit another rock, the one in spiral shape, making it more difficult to perform a clean overhead strike. This time – so close to perfect.
As he was wandering along the alley of natural sculptures, Hideyoshi saw a good specimen. This thick makkoro was ideal to test the stabbing skill. The nyūtorino was trembling in hand, eager for another try. As Hideyoshi prepared for thrusting move, the gentle voice came from behind:
“Why are you doing this?”
Hideyoshi turned around and couldn’t hold his sigh. The voice had no face. Instead, a dark hollow, and few miserable strands of hair around.
Concealing his shock, he asked the girl: “Why wouldn’t I test my nyūtorino blade?”

Hideyoshi gazed at the makkoro and couldn’t feel anything but disappointment. His test was cut short by this faceless creature. At that moment her fingers dared to touch him.
“Can you feel it now? Some of their pain?”
The samurai almost fainted. The emptiness of her head was echoing his own feeling of embarrassment. Hideyoshi muttered something, shaken to the core.“Please let them be,” she said and withdrew her hand. There was no doubt in Hideyoshi`s mind that he just met a very powerful Onna-Bugeisha. Who would dare to rip her face off?
“Before you leave, please accept this gift from me,” he said, offering his nyūtorino to the girl. “I despise those who harm the harmless. Thank you for preventing me to become what I hate. So, consider this as the token of gratitude. It might be needed during your quest.”
As she walked away across the flowery slope, the samurai smiled. Katana had just chosen its master.

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